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Joshua’s narrative is ascribed to Joshua himself by Bava Batra 15a (Talmud) and early church fathers. In 1943 Martin Noth published an argument that behind Joshua and other books was a unified «Deuteronomistic history», composed in the early part of the Babylonian captivity (not long after 606 BCE); Noth’s speculative practice of conjecturing the nonextant tradition has the weakness that «no two scholars ever propose the same tradition history for the stories of the Pentateuch».[9] Most scholars who follow the documentary hypothesis today believe in some such composite, containing the epic history of the premonarchical period, which William Dever calls «largely ‘propaganda,’ designed to give theological legitimacy to a party of nationalist ultra orthodox reformers.»[10] Gerhard von Rad, another developer of the hypothesis, adds that «comparison of the ancient Near Eastern treaties, especially . In the 14th and 13th centuries BC, with passages in the OT has revealed so many things in common between the two, particularly in the matter of form, that there must be some connection between these suzerainty treaties and the [OT].»[11] Kenneth Kitchen states that nearly all treaties in this period follow the pattern of Deuteronomy closely, while first millennium treaties contrarily but consistently place «witnesses» earlier and omit prologue and blessing sections, requiring classification of the Sinai covenant and its renewals in Joshua with the fourteenth or thirteenth century rather than the sixth.[12].

UU. 3 2 Rumania Club Sportiv Progresul, Bucharest, Romania 1971 EE. UU. Pervis Staples and the Staple Singers long before they were on Stax they were on Epic and they were one of my favorite groups of all time. I met them all in ’62 or ’63. They heard my songs live and Pervis wanted to record three or four of them and he did with the Staples Singers.

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But what if it’s just as sweltering inside your house as it is on your patio? Even with proper ventilation, a sun baked living room can quickly turn into an oven on an average August day. In that case, experts recommend relying on something other than a fan or an open fridge door for your primary indoor cooling setup namely, an air conditioner. Energy Information Administration reported last year that A/C equipment is used in 87 percent of households throughout the United States a statistic that shoots up to 94 percent when you venture down into the hot humid South.

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